About Us

3rd World People, Inc. founded, in 2008, is a humanitarian and community development organization working with the poorest communities in the World.  Its purpose is the relief of poverty, sickness and the advancement of education, in particular to wormen, children and young people.  Our activities include advocating for educational rights and entitlements, skills training, production and dissemination of information resources, providing local relief during emergencies, supporting long-term development efforts that aim to improve the socio-economic well being of individuals, families and communities and promoting the participation of 3rd World People in the economic and social development of their countries.  3rd World People understand that 3rd World People exist in every country in the world.  They are not just the product of 3rd World Nations rather, the product of poverty, social injustice, racial injustice and ignorance worldwide.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to positively contribute towards the development of 3rd World People and Communities worldwide by providing educational, material and financial resources to improve the quality of life for vulnerable people and their families, and by empowering them through education and knowledge along with economic, social and cultural development to be self-sufficient.


3rd World People's vision is of a progressive global society where being disadvantaged is not a barrier to one's perceived value or ability to make a meaningful contribution.