Our Beliefs

3rd World People believe that:

  • Poverty and powerlessness are avoidable and can be eliminated by human action and political will.
  • Basic human needs and rights can be met. These include the right to a sustainable livelihood,and the right and capacity to participate in society and the right to make positive change in their lives and the lives of others.
  • Inequalities can be significantly reduced through education and assistance between people, communities and countries                     

3rd World People understand that:

Poverty is a state of powerlessness in which people are unable to exercise their basic human rights or control virtually any aspect of their lives. Poverty manifests itself in the inadequacy of material goods and lack of access to basic services and opportunities leading to a condition of insecurity.

Poverty is almost always rooted in human action or inaction and can be made worse by natural calamities, human violence, oppression, environmental destruction and ignorance. It is often maintained by entrenched inequalities, institutional and economic mechanisms.


3rd World People provides grants to individuals, community based organizations (CBOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and religious organizations to:

  • Finance sustainable poverty initiatives that are conceived, designed and implemented by 3rd World People aiming to maximize avenues and opportunities for community development.
  • Stimulate and expand the participation of socially undeveloped and underdeveloped people in the development of their countries.
  • Contribute towards the building of sustainable institutions that foster grassroots development.

Summarily, the aim of the grants therefore, are to foster education, training and to enable community-based organizations (CBOs) to generate ideas that increase incomes through productive activities and enterprises  that expand the overall economic production capacity and thus, the economic security of families and communities.