Health: HIV and AIDS in Africa

3rd World People was partly established to respond to the need for a specialist, professional intermediary organization that would work in effective partnership with non-governmental and community-based organizations in African, Indian and Latin American countries, as well as with private and public donors and the UN system. In terms of community health our mission is to support communities within affected countries to play a full and effective role in the global response to HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS is an unprecedented global development challenge, which has already caused too much hardship, illness and death in most African , Indian and Latin American countries and world over. The pandemic affects individuals, but also devastates households and communities, and threatens entire nations. The behavior that spreads HIV is fuelled by social, cultural, economic and legal factors which make it more difficult for people to protect themselves and which worsen the consequences of the epidemic. HIV epidemics start and spread in different ways in different places, but the epidemic is consistently accompanied by fear, blame and prejudice. In almost all cases, poor and marginalized people are disproportionately vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and its consequences. This is particularly true for girls and women, because of biological, cultural, legal and social factors.

Many countries are being ravaged by a pandemic unequalled in history. HIV and AIDS is killing millions of people. The human death toll is terrible, placing unbearable stress on families and communities, creating an increasing number of orphans and undernourished children, and depleting the workforces, as thousands of people with essential skills and experience are lost. Life expectancy has plummeted and many development achievements are now under threat.
It is against this background that 3rdWP intends to set up a project centered on health education and promotion of educational opportunities for young people in both urban and rural areas disadvantaged by poverty. The project intends to produce literature and organize workshops across these nations but start with education of young people in Uganda and the USA.

3rd WP is working with local partners in Uganda and other countries in the fight against HIV and AIDS, to prevent the spread of HIV and to improve the quality of life for people living with the disease. Our volunteers are building HIV and AIDS responses into their everyday activities, reaching people at schools, businesses, organizations and communities. Work of the main focus includes:

  • Educating and Counseling HIV sufferers. Providing information about sex and relationships and encouraging seeking available treatment.
  • Discouraging school drop outs, early marriages and contributing to the reduction of unplanned teenage pregnancies and spread of STDs.
  • Enable girls gain access to education so as to secure meaningful rural livelihoods.
  • Outreach work, providing personal care in local dispensaries and promoting condom use for people involved in sexual activities and encourage discussions between adults and young people.
  • Organizing recreational and educational activities to involve young people living with HIV and AIDS and educating young people on the dangers of STDs