Colegio Pinares/Pinares High School Project


To provide a brighter future to children and teens through continuing education


We are a small group of individuals who are determined to make a difference in the lives of children. We firmly believe that children are the future and education is the key to wipe out poverty in this region.


Poverty and poor education are two of the biggest challenges in Honduras. Education is provided by the government through the 5th grade, however, many are not able to attend either because they cannot afford uniforms and school supplies or because they are needed at home to work and support their families. Poor families have no access to school beyond the 5th grade and according to UNICEF only 39% of children will continue with their education into high school. For those students who are able to attend high school, the school location can also be an issue as it may require several hours of commuting.


We are currently working with an elementary school in a small town called Pinares. Our past year’s work has been to integrate an English program into an existing elementary school. Why English? There are many opportunities available in Honduras for those that speak English; working as translators, at call centers, and in tourist areas. Therefore, learning English at a young age can empower the children to earn better income in the future which can benefit them, their families, and their communities.


1. We will continue to grow and enhance the English program in the elementary school by adding instructors, creating a collection of English resources, and providing the supplies needed to support the program. The objective is to build a solid educational foundation and to strongly encourage the students to continue their education.

2. We will establish a high school in Pinares to act as a next step for local students. We will locate the high school within walking distance for an easy commute, offering uniforms, supplies, and a superior education for a fraction of the cost. We hope to plant a hydroponic garden for the community and teach the children how to grow healthy food for their families with limited space and resources. This will enable students to shift their focus from basic needs to learning to improve their lives through education. Additionally, we will provide a superior academic curriculum while teaching them practical trades such as welding, baking, and woodworking. The parents will see attending our high school as a priority for their children, because their children will be able to contribute financially to the family and community after graduation.

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