Strategic Plan


Traditionally governments and development agencies have worked together to alleviate poverty through designing poverty eradication programs and imposing them on communities 3rd World People passionately believe that local communities are a very vital source of ideas and energy for development 3rd World People makes grants directly to individuals, community based organizations (CBOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). 3rd World People is among the pioneers in promoting participatory development. In this regard all 3rd World People funded projects are proposed, designed, and implemented by beneficiaries themselves, with any needed technical assistance and training sourced locally and provided by local experts, if available. 3rd World People's participatory development approach builds local capacity and promotes self-help by unleashing entrepreneurial spirit and mobilizing community resources to augment international and national assistance.

Thus, 3rd World People's efforts complement larger, government-to-government assistance programs by tackling problems from the ground up and researching and developing new models of participatory development that can widely be replicated on a larger scale by other individuals, grassroots groups, communities, local and international private social sector entities, and other international development assistance agencies.


The primary focus of our strategic plan is to:

  • Address the structural causes of poverty and related injustice by working primarily through local accountable individuals and organizations, seeking to strengthen their empowerment.
  • Help people directly where local capacity is insufficient or inappropriate for 3rd World People's purposes of enabling people to exercise their rights and manage their own lives.
  • Assist in the development of structures, which directly benefit people facing the realities of poverty, and injustice and which are accountable to them.
  • Enable individuals and communities to engage in meaningful programs and enterprises that generate subsistence income.


3rd World People has in place an extensive and clear Equal Opportunities Policy covering employment practice, service access and delivery, volunteers and work placements, outsourcing and use of consultants.

We therefore operate a policy of equal employment, challenging discrimination and developing social inclusion in our passion for improving all lives to ensure that people use their skills and expertise as valued professionals within a genuinely open, supportive and progressive environment.